Monday, October 8, 2007

The 90s Make Me Feel Dirty

When the coffee table book on hand-made VHS paper sleeves of the 1990s gets published, Eric Brummer (aka "Slain Wayne") will need his own spread. Here's one I found in my moldering tape collection dated 1996. Eric's vids were shot on black-and-white super-8 and involved porn models and strange monstrous animation. He also did some great zines and catalogs for an event he ran called the Hollywood Sub-Cinema Conspiracy showing underground films in LA--almost all trace of it seems to be gone from the Internet.

Apparently Eric has of late been doing more straight-up porn...His old website Subvision Films now seems to be just your basic nasty Mucho-Not-Safe-For-Work amateur stuff, but also selling this freaky "damnation babes" dvd with a flying skull in it??

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