Sunday, February 3, 2008

Light Reading

Here's an interesting folio I found whilst gallivanting through eBay tonight: Still Light, a limited edition tome by Robert Beavers from 1971, offered for sale out of the Netherlands, complete with an autographed letter, signed by Beavers to John Gielgud (!) (?). I assume the book comprises notes on his film of the same name. At almost $300 it's far beyond my book budget, but that price is more than half what a seller on Amazon is asking.

More on Beavers by J. Hoberman, an issue of Millennium Film Journal on Robert Beavers and Gregory Markopoulos from 1998, and extensive notes from the programme "To the Winged Distance: Films by Robert Beavers" at the Tate. I've written various reviews of his work over the years as well.

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